Welcome to Haute Life!

Welcome to Haute Life, the place where we strive to inspire ourselves, our prospective clients, and anyone with a vision for themselves and their brand. 


Since Haute La Vie’s founding in 2015, our goal as a creative agency has been to help build the culture; we work with artists, photographers and brands to help them foster business to business connections, increase brand awareness, management and distribution. As a company we cultivate opportunities for our clients to expand and reach new heights. 

The experience of working with a creative agency is all about growth. It’s about learning from the highs and the lows that come with building a brand, and elevating to your highest potential. With Haute Life, we will curate content to help explore that process as we as a company, and our clients, continue to elevate. We will be posting updates from our clients which include projects, announcements and overall accomplishments. This blog will be a place to stay up to date with your favorite brands, and find the newest ways to celebrate and support them and their businesses.

Here you’ll also be able to keep up with the team, and our endeavors with Haute La Vie and beyond. We all strive every day to be our best selves, and working together helps us each utilize our own individual talents to build a network for our clients and for ourselves. We will get real, and share how and why we all choose to do what we do for the culture. 


Lastly, we want this blog to be a source of inspiration for anyone as they continue along their individual paths. Whether you are an artist, a brand, a business or not, we all can use some inspiration to get from where we are to where we want to be. We will be posting content that helps drive us, and hope to pass along that motivation to anyone who needs it.

We hope to inspire you, and whether that means to work with us, to support our brands, or just to go after your goals fearlessly, Haute Life is here to help you get in tune!

Tiffany Gaines

Writer. Documentarian. Aspiring artist. Content creator.